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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

White Board & Joint VALL Meeting

A little late here, but our 'white board frenzy' took place on March 22nd. In just over an hour, we created a five page document detailing different types of content collections that can be found in our law firms. It was more an exercise in 'getting our bearings about us' than trying to create an exhaustive list, but it seemed to go well. Anyone interested in a copy of the document can email me.

Our joint meeting with the Vancouver Association of Law Libraries has also been set for Thursday, May 5th. The speaker will be Gord Holley, who has served on the VALA Executive in the past, and is also the former Administrator at Owen Bird. Gord's topic has yet to be finalized, but will be something close to: The Business Practice of Knowledge Management, with an additional topic thread aimed at Law Libraries and KM collection building. The notice will be sent out via both VALL and VALA, and will be posted on the VALL website.

Will follow up on this one...


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